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Cirque, April 2024, Waking

Eunoia Review,  June 2024, Canoeing Lake Earl; Improving the View; Ode to Old Uprights; Reading the Stars, Chrysalis

Takilma Common Ground,  March 2024, Cypher   

Takilma Common Ground, December 2023, Cantabile       

Tiny Seed Journal, November 2023, What Remains

Canary, Fall, 2023, The Verge; Story in the Stone

Cirque, January 2023, Shapeshifting       

Turtle Island Quarterly, January 2023, Feral; From the Sea

Takilma Common Ground, December 2022, Winter Grace

Pedestal Magazine, Issue 91 - December 2022, Cephalopod

New Verse News, December 16 2022, P-22

Otoliths, Issue 65 - Autumn 2022, Cypher

Turtle Island Quarterly, Issue 23 - 2022, Winesap

Fireweed, Summer 2022, Muscle Tree

Jefferson Journal, July/August 2022, Grounded; Taking the Long View

Cirque, Issue 23, December 2021, A Small Passing 

Vita Brevis Anthology, April 2021, Taking the Long View 

Allegro Poetry, March 2021, This Certainty  

New Verse News, Feb 23, 2021, Whale Song and June 2, 2021, Losing

the Land 

Front Porch Review, April 2021, Waiting for Wolves 

Third Wednesday Magazine, Summer 2021, King Tide 

Eunoia Review, August 2021, Scattering the Acorns 

Amethyst Review, March 6, 2020 Temple, and May 3, 2020 Wind Horse  Turtle Island Quarterly, June 2020, Black Pine and August 2021, Clouds 

Isacoustic, Sept 28, 2020, Garden Triptych                   

Windfall, Fall 2020, Where the Elk Were Bugling 

Ariel Chart, October 2020, Collateral Damage; What Lies Beneath; A Different Point of View                        

Trouvaille Review, September 18. 2020, Bear At the Door 

Cobra Lily,  Vol. 4, 2018, Grounded 

                    Vol. 5, 2019, Taking the Long View 

                    Vol. 6, 2020, Garden Triptych 

                    Vol. 7, 2021, Fawn and What Remains

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